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LinkieBuy,One-Stop Solution for Entering China

Build a mall

Customized online shop, help you reach 1000 million potential consumers.

Brand service

200+ online channels and 150,000 + offline retailers in China, enable brands to achieve rapid business growth.


One package can also be delivered to customers,no need to worry about cross-border logistics.

Settlement profit

It supports local currency for transaction, no need to exchange.

Our Advantages



Our digital supply chain services has accessed around 3,000 domestic and foreign consumer brands and nearly 150 thousand SKUs, Trusted by 160 thousand business worldwide.



One-stop global transportation services, Deploy more than 200 routes and 160+ warehouses around the world, The combined storage area has reached 1.3 million ㎡



Online distribution network covers more than 200 e-commerce platforms in China, the 168000 offine stores distribution network covers 16 provinces in central and eastern China



12 hours a day dedicated customer service, All-round and convenient service channels, Handle feedback quickly and efficiently, Hierarchical customer service mechanism
Solutions for Cross-border E-commerce
better choice for different market scenarios
With rich distribution channels of Xingyun Group,LinkieBuy helps you enter a wider Chinese market.
Offline retail network
Sales service support
Multi-channel access for online distribution
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Professional e-commerce management team. No more worries about sales
Platform & Sociale-commerce management
Public + Private traffic management
New media operation
24 hours customer service
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Optimized logistics strategy based on your products
Custom clearance, tax and law consultant
Cross-border direct mail + warehousing
Affiliation and entrust for sales qualification
LinkieBuy's logistics & warehousing system
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Quick deployment. Smart online store construction with only one click.
Modular construction
Commodity management
Multiple marketing plugins
Data analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions
How To Solve Shipping And Delivery?
LinkieBuy provides direct shipping, bonded warehouse solutions and services,green access to China customs quick and legal clearance, cross-border policy consultation, Domestic customs clearance and delivery in China. One-stop logistics solutions.
How Much Does It Cost To Make A WeChat Mini Program?
Please feel free to contact us, as it depends on the service you want.
How To Get Traffic For Wechat Mini Program?
Utilizing the characteristics of WeChat, there are various promotion methods, such as live video (including KOL use), official account linkage, text internal link, moments advertising, chat sharing, etc. Please contact us.
What Is WeChat Cross-Border E-Commerce Mini Program?
Consumers can purchase the products listed in the WeChat Mini Program in Mainland China. Merchants can use WeChat Mini Programs to open stores, wechat pay, packaging, international logistics, customs declaration procedures, and mainland China logistics for sales.
What Is Your Project Schedule?
It can be online as soon as three days. The working time below is based on regular webshop case, and may vary by cases.
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